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Scale Insect Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Hot summer weather is standard in Fort Worth and scale insects thrive and reproduce rapidly during the Texas heat. Tree care specialists continuously encounter these tiny insects that drink the nutrients from foliage and cause trees and plants to appear ill. Scale insects are the most common insect in the United States and go unnoticed because they remain still once they attach themselves to leaves. These bump-like insects cause the death of trees and plants if left untreated; therefore, when you suspect your tree is not in the best of health, contact a tree expert immediately! Scale Insect Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for a scale insect diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Scale Insect

Diagnosis is conducted by a certified arborist who provides a tree evaluation report after thoroughly examining the tree and residential environment. Scale insects siphon the nutrients and water from trees and plants and damage their health system, making them more vulnerable to other insect invaders and diseases. A noticeable reduction in new growth and discolored, wilted leaves are the definitive indication of scale insect damage. The soil is laboratory tested for the presence of other pathogens that may further damage infected trees. The Fort Worth arbor care professional determines the immediate treatment required and the on-going maintenance plan necessary to prevent continued infestation.

Treatment Of Scale Insects

Severely infested trees and plants must be immediately removed by a tree service professional. Regular pruning by a tree trimming service removes infested stems and branches. The arborist that treats sick trees will schedule and administer insecticide applications and provide a one year warranty on any treatment. Healthy trees are less susceptible to scale insect damage and fertilizing by systemic deep root feeding and deep root fertilization maintains the tree's health and vitality. Prevent scale insects from devastating your outdoor residence and rest assured that the best arborist in Fort Worth will keep your prized trees and beautiful grounds lovely and protected! If you have scale insects on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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