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Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Pine tip blight is a fungal disease affecting older, stately fir trees and is prevalent throughout Fort Worth established neighborhoods. Tree care specialists are frequently addressing the destruction this disease inflicts because it targets Austrian pine, noble fir, Douglas fir and numerous popular varieties in north Texas. The fungal pathogen multiplies during the winter and is spread rapidly by wind and rain that typifies Texas spring weather conditions. This fir nemesis tends to infest older established trees that have been wounded or subjected to stressful conditions. When you suspect your stately pine may be ailing, contact a tree expert immediately. Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for a diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Pine Tip Blight

When pine tip blight goes untreated, it quickly results in the tree's death. The tree evaluation report is swiftly completed by the experienced plant pathologist after closely examining the tree and its symptoms. Excessive needle loss along with black specks on needles, bark and pine cones are definite indications of infection. Canker sores on the tree's trunk and branches confirm pine tip blight presence. The Fort Worth arbor care professional determines the immediate treatment needed and personalizes the care and maintenance plan necessary to prevent further destruction.

Treatment Of Pine Tip Blight

Immediate removal and destruction of all dead or dying trees and ground debris by a professional tree service prevent fungal spores from multiplying and spreading throughout the habitat grounds. Proper timing of fungicide applications will be scheduled and administered by the tree service. Vertical mulching and deep root fertilization maintain the tree's health and vigor and a one year warranty is provided for any treatment. Ensure that your highly-admired fir trees remain healthy and beautiful by entrusting their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth! If you have Pine Ti Blight on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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