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Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Oak trees throughout Fort Worth are dying at a rapid pace from the deadly fungal disease hypoxylon canker and certified arborists are continually encountering its destruction. This deadly tree nemesis targets popular live oaks, red oak, and laurel, but no oak variety is immune. Once an oak manifests definitive signs of hypoxylon canker it often is too late to save and results in the tree's death quickly. Hypoxylon canker targets trees that have been stressed, weakened or wounded; therefore, contact a tree care specialist immediately upon your first suspicion the oak tree's health is declining. Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for a diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Hypoxylon Canker Tree Disease

Diagnostic evaluation is rapidly conducted by a certified arborist and a diagnosis report is completed upon examination of the tree in question and investigation of the outdoor environment. Thinning foliage, reduced growth, and broken twigs are symptoms of fungal infection. Crusty, peeling bark and discolored inner wood further confirm hypoxylon canker presence. Compacted soil and ground areas with poor drainage inhibit root growth and weaken the tree. The Fort Worth certified arborist studies the tree evaluation report and determines the immediate treatment required and customizes the continual maintenance necessary to safeguard the trees and residence.

Treatment Of Hypoxylon Canker

Severely diseased trees must be immediately removed by a tree service professional to protect the residential grounds from the possibility of the diseased tree falling. Infected limbs must be pruned by a tree trimming service to remove the fungal pathogen. Construction projects and lawn maintenance should be directed by an experienced tree company to guard the trees against accidental wounding. Deep root fertilization and systemic deep root feeding nurture strong roots. Eye-catching oak trees are a prized investment that enhances your landscape. Ensure their protection by entrusting the care of your residential grounds to the best arborist in Fort Worth and have peace in knowing your beautiful landscape will remain disease free! If you have Hypoxylon Canker on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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