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Anthracnose Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Although it is seldom lethal to trees, anthracnose disease causes the stately shade trees it infests to exhibit an undesirable appearance. Anthracnose is prevalent throughout Fort Worth, as this fungal pathogen thrives in cool, damp early spring weather and targets popular tree varieties including, but not limited to, elm, oak, ash, sycamore, maple, and dogwood. Tree experts frequently battle this tree nemesis because it spreads rapidly during rainy weather conditions and can invade plants and garden areas as well. Contact an experienced tree company promptly when you first suspect your tree's health is failing. Anthracnose Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for a diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Anthracnose

Habitat grounds are investigated and the tree is closely examined by the experienced plant pathologist who will present the tree evaluation report after confirmed diagnosis of anthracnose infection. Leaf deformities and blotches, early foliage loss, a general thinning throughout the canopy, cankers and broken limbs are symptoms of this fungal pathogen. Tiny bumps on the underside of foliage along the veins are definite confirmation of anthracnose presence. The Fort Worth arbor care professional will determine the immediate treatment necessary to eliminate this disease and customize the maintenance plan required to prevent further infection.

Treatment Of Anthracnose

Severely infected trees, ground debris, and broken limbs must be promptly removed by a professional tree service to eliminate desired hosts for anthracnose fungi. Fungicide treatments scheduled and applied by an arborist that treats sick trees will restore the fullness to eye-catching statement trees. Scheduled watering by soaker hoses and deep root watering rather than sprinklers reduces the water that the pathogen desires. Maintaining a strong root structure is most important and systemic deep root feeding and deep root fertilization support the tree's health. Your lovely residence and stately trees are a prized investment; therefore, entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth and take comfort in knowing they will always remain beautiful! If you have Anthracnose on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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