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Tree Disease Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

We provide the services required for the immediate treatment of tree diseases and customize the maintenance and care plans to ensure your trees remain in the best of health. Trees can be subjected to many common diseases and insect pests. Healthy trees have natural immunity against diseases; however, a tree can become weak and stressed due to many factors such as extreme weather conditions, making the tree vulnerable to diseases. When you need treatment for your diseased tree to contact Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth at (817)-500-0355.

Common Diseases and Pests

Trees reveal indications of failing health and insect infestation. Are you observing your tree has lost its fullness or is losing a lot of its leaves? Does the tree seem to be weak and appears to be generally unhealthy? Below are some very common issues that many people encounter with their trees:


    • Oak Wilt
      Oak wilt fungus quickly invades Red oak trees and the many popular oak varieties in Texas.
    • Powdery Mildew
      White, dusty spots on leaves and plants are powdery mildew fungus and spread quickly.
    • Chlorosis
      Are the leaves yellow and pale? Nutrient deficiency depletes chlorophyll which is what makes the leaves green. High alkaline iron deficient soil is a major cause of chlorosis.
    • Insect Pests
      Spider mites, aphids, and wood borers reproduce rapidly and quickly overtake your landscape.
    • Root Rot
      Compacted soil or excess soil moisture can cause decaying roots.
    • Leaf Spot
      Black spots on leaves are caused by many fungal and bacterial pathogens.

    Wounds to the tree can be caused by many factors. Extreme weather such as lightning, rainstorms or hail may damage the tree. Lawn care and weed trimmers or shovels can cause unintended wounds. Wounds on the tree’s trunk and branches make the tree vulnerable to numerous pathogens such as the following:

    • Bacterial Slime Flux
      Wounds enable this bacterial pathogen to invade the tree.
    • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
      Leaves that appear as if they’ve been burned have been damaged by this destructive bacterial disease.
    • Brown Rot
      Brown Rot fungal pathogens target pit-centered fruit trees and cause the roots to decay from excess moisture.
    • Seiridium Canker
      Cypress trees that have suffered stress or wounds are targeted by this destructive pathogen.
    • Fire Blight
      Trees that produce pit-centered fruits are invaded by this fungal disease that causes leaves and shoots tips to turn black or curl.
    • Hypoxylon Canker
      This serious fungal pathogen thrives in hot summer weather and targets oak trees excessively.
    • Anthracnose
      Anthracnose is a deadly fungal pathogen that causes brown spots on leaves, ultimately killing them.
    • Sudden Oak Death
      This water mold pathogen spreads quickly by wind and rain and can kill oak trees rapidly.
    • Phytophthora
      Phytophthora causes root rot due to poor soil drainage, enabling this water-loving fungal pathogen to destroy the root structure.

    If you suspect or observe your tree is wounded, stressed or sickly it’s imperative to contact a certified arborist. Contact us at (817)-500-0355 and we will meet with you to advise you of your treatment options for the ailing tree. Many tree diseases progress quickly and the earlier you address their sickness then the greater the tree’s chances for recovery are. Working with an arbor care specialist is a proactive way to eliminate destructive diseases or insect pest infestation. The tree experts at Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth will determine the treatment necessary for your weak tree and customize the unique care plan to maintain your tree’s health.

    Tree Disease Prevention

    Maintaining the tree’s health is the best defense against disease and insect infestation. A tree can become weak and stressed due to numerous factors including, but not limited to, weather conditions compacted soil from high foot traffic or construction projects within its vicinity and nutrient deficiency. A tree becomes more vulnerable to disease and unwanted insect pests the longer the tree endures in a stressed, weak state. Proper fertilization treatments, controlled watering, and soil aeration are important to maintain your tree’s root structure, health, and vitality. Numerous tree diseases and insect predators spread quickly throughout neighborhoods and there are many preventative options available to ensure your trees don’t succumb to damage.

    Certified Tree Specialists

    Call us today at Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth (817)-500-0355 to meet with our ISA certified arborist and discuss your tree care needs. We have the extensive experience and expertise necessary to determine and administer the needed treatment for sick or insect-infested trees and are able to provide the on-going care that will ensure your trees remain in robust health.